Cyber – Shake Listen on Posterous

This week, it was reported that Dallas is looking to put the kibosh on Facebook use by city employees.  The Associated Press reported that more than 20 employees at Dallas City Hall were reprimanded or forced to attend counseling following a probe of Facebook use during work hours.

City officials are working on new employee guidelines for social media use. Dallas City Manager Mary Suhm says employees aren’t allowed to do personal business when they’re being paid by taxpayers.  Dallas attorney, Travis Crabtree says, “Computer equipment belongs to the company and technically your time belongs to the company too, while you’re there.”

Many in the social media community are up in arms about the “right” to use social media sites, like Facebook at work.  Jim Ryan at WBAP News/Talk 820 AM and 96.7 FM  asked for our two cents. Click on the mp3 file to hear a snippet of our conversation.


What are your thoughts about employees being able to have access to social media sites while they are on the clock?

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