The skies above Fort Worth come alive every year with aerial performances and static displays courtesy of the Alliance Air Show.  On October 21, 2011, Wells Fargo Advisors branches from all over North Texas joined together to host over 1,500 clients, staff and family at a VIP sneak peek event the day before the show opened to the general public.  The day started out with a Continental breakfast buffet for the early arrivals who wanted to watch the load-in of the planes. As the day progressed and the dress rehearsal got underway, an All-American lunch of hamburgers and hot dogs pleased the crowd and the kids loved the freezer on-site chock full of ice-cream bars and Popsicles.


When planning any event, the devil is always in the details.  It’s even more true when you are playing host to 1,500 people.  You want every guest to feel welcome and special.  We started off with the invitation you see below: a 4×4 tri-fold printed on a beautiful pearlized paper so it glistened when you took it out of the envelope.  The day of the event, we scattered airplane confetti on the tables and had 4-6″ metal toy planes for the kids as they walked into the show, so that every child had a take home toy (and something to entertain themselves with at the show).  We also had American Flags on every table for people to wave as the pilots flew overhead. A great photo opp. presented itself with the arrival of the famous Wells Fargo stagecoach. The stagecoach is always a hit with guests who love to peer inside this original turn-of-the-century coach and view the intricate detailing of the interior.


At Gangway, we take your event planning to the next level with attention to detail and creative planning to ensure the day will be a success!